John Frederick Walker

Giant Sable: Antelope from the Ashes, Part I

Posted in giant sable news by JFW on May 26, 2010

Those who follow developments in African wildlife conservation may have read about the recent successful rescue of Angola’s national animal, the magnificent giant sable.  I was the only journalist on the August, 2009 expedition, a last-ditch effort to pull this iconic animal back from extinction.  Click GIANT.SABLES.1 to read part I of my two-part series, “Antelope from the Ashes.” It’s just come out in the June issue of Africa Geographic.  Part II will appear in the July issue and will be posted here.

Icon on the Brink: Angola’s Giant Sable Antelope

Posted in giant sable news by JFW on April 15, 2009

Before I started writing about the fate of Africa’s elephants, I had been covering the tenuous future of another of Africa’s most endangered species: the giant sable antelope of Angola, long feared to have been wiped out in that country’s 27-year-long civil war (1975-2002).

I was on the first post-war expedition into Cangandala National Park, which uncovered evidence of the antelope’s survival. Last year I returned to the park to join a capture operation aiming to put the first radio collars on these spectacular creatures. My article on this attempt (”Icon on the Brink: Angola’s Giant Sable Antelope”) appears in the May/June 2009 Wildlife Conservation (sadly, the last issue of this 112-year old magazine). Please visit my nature page for a link to a PDF of the story.